Head Office, Saint-Constant

Three Generations

Hearse, 1956

St-Constant Funeral Home in the old days


Third generation of thanatopractors tuned in people

The Poissant family has been committed in funeral businesses on the Montreal south shore since 1930 and they have always been close to people, especially in difficult moments such as the loss of a loved one. The solid business reputation is based through years of respect of emotions and of each inner conviction for funerals. 

The funeral home was founded in 1930 by Léon Poissant who gave his name to the business. At that time, the deceased was embalmed and exposed in his house. The families were often exhausted afterwards. In 1950, Léon opened his first funeral home exactly at the same address on St-Pierre Street, in St-Constant and then, also opened a few branches at Delson, Saint-Philippe and Kahnawake. In addition to that, he was elected mayor of St-Constant from 1945 to 1955. 

In 1968, his son John, graduated from the Institut de Thanatologie du Québec, took over the business and renovated the funeral homes. In the process of his business development, he enlarged the territory and purchased a new branch at St-Rémi in 1986, also offering an ambulance service of quality all over the region for 25 years. 

In 1990, his son Robert, also graduated from Institut de Thanatologie du Québec, succeeded to his father in the business. One year later, he added a columbarium and began important renovations in every branches such as the expansion and complete set up of the Head Office in St-Constant and branches in St-Rémi and Kanawake. In order to offer all services at the same address, Robert took the decision to close two branches in Delson and St-Philippe in 2010 and concentrate all operations at St-Constant's funeral home. He added a chapel, a reception hall and one more columbarium, propelling the funeral home amongst the biggest funeral complexes, comparable with big urban centers. 

Listening to the families in mourning, the Poissant's family and their employees offered services and support taking into account everyone's inner convictions. The Poissant's family really wants to thank all the families who honoured them with their confidence over the years and wishes to assure them of their total dedication.

Une mère c’est si beau que même Dieu en a voulu une - Guy Gilbert.

Head Office

180, Saint-Pierre
St-Constant (Qc)
J5A 2G9


58, rue Perras
Saint-Rémi (Qc)

Poissant & Deer

rue Malone
Kahnawake (Qc)

Contact us

Phone : 450 632-1515
Fax : 450 632-9391
e-mail : info@poissantetfils.ca 


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