Granite Monuments

Granite Monuments


Throughout time, stonecutting has been an underrated art because it is connected with a stage of life, which we prefer to ignore. A monument is the symbol of immortality and is associated with the need to remember.

The choice of a monument aims at honouring and perpetuating the memory of a person who has passed away. It creates a link between the generations and a place of gathering and togetherness because of the memories it triggers.

The manufacturing of headstones is a unique art because it brings together the artisan's experience and the consumer's wishes.

Our artisans are well known for the skill and care with which they personalize your headstones. Consumers can thus choose the shape of their memorials and design, which will make them unique pieces of art.

Only stones of the finest quality are chosen to preserve your memories.

Prices vary according to the colour of the granite chosen and the size of the memorial. We shall advise you adequately according to your budget. Furthermore, all our memorials are guaranteed for life.


Le véritable voyage, ce n’est pas de parcourir le désert ou de franchir de grandes distances sous-marines, c’est de parvenir en un point exceptionnel où la saveur de l’instant baigne tous les contours de la vie intérieur - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

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