Welcome to our Web site. If you are consulting this site after the death of a member of your family, please accept our sincere condolences.

Our services are required in difficult circumstances in a life time, either in planning funerary arrangements or funeral prearrangements. Therefore, at Poissant & Fils ltée, it is important for us to offer high quality services, while demonstrating empathy and a high ethic code. 

Les choses enracinées dans l’amour ne sont jamais perdues, car elle sont éternelles - Annelou Dupuis.

Head Office

180, Saint-Pierre
St-Constant (Qc)
J5A 2G9


58, rue Perras
Saint-Rémi (Qc)

Poissant & Deer

rue Malone
Kahnawake (Qc)

Contact us

Phone : 450 632-1515
Fax : 450 632-9391
e-mail : info@poissantetfils.ca 


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